GNSS Geodesy Polygon

Nazarbayev University, a modern and rapidly developing university in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which was founded in 2010. For the preparation of engineers in the field of construction, geological exploration, cartography, mining, within the framework of a grant from the Royal Engineering Academy in the territory of Nazarbayev University a geodetic testing site (GNSS Geodesy Polygon) was established. The geodesic test site allows you to carry out a range of scientific and technical tasks to clarify the parameters and measurements of the global gravitational model of the Earth and to conduct practical training for students, undergraduates and other stakeholders on modern geodetic instruments to identify coordinate reference systems and their application in various fields of engineering.

Open-source GNSS processing toolbox (Laika python package)

Laika is an open-source GNSS processing library. Laika is similar to projects like RTKlib and GPSTK, but in Python and with a strong focus on readibility, usability and easy integration with other optimizers. Laika can process raw GNSS observations with data gathered online from various analysis groups to produce data ready for position/velocity estimation. Laika is designed to produce accurate results whilst still being readable easy to use. Laika is the perfect tool to develop accurate GNSS-only or GNSS-fusion localisation algorithms.

Universal Design & Novel Solution

 The Trcuck Caliber  Smart On-board Location & Weight Monitoring System

JRP-WIM Smart  Weight-in-Motion System

iRIC Software Nays2D Flood

What is the iRIC Software?

iRICXXX (International River Interface Cooperative) is a river flow and riverbed variation analysis software package which combines the functionality of MD_SWMS, developed by the USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) and RIC-Nays, developed by the Foundation of Hokkaido River Disaster Prevention Research Center.


Laboratory to Monitor Engineering Constructions which aims to work on Environmental, Health and Educational solutions